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What is a Black belt ?

In Aikido, from 1st Dan until 8th Dan, we are all Black belts, which means the exact dan is not visibly clear. Therefore having a responsibility for ones own grade is important.

When you take your next dan test, there are certain rules, how many years or how many days you've practiced,

but I feel this alone is not enough.

Just out of curiosity, I decided to check about what is needed for your next dan grade In Kodokan Judo and I discovered it requires a bit more.although I don't know the exact meaning,

I think its something like this:

1st Dan=hand , hip and leg throws.

2nd Dan=every throw.

3rd Dan=hard form.

4th Dan=soft form .

5th Dan= mastery form .

6th Dan=Koudoukan selfdefense.

7th Dan=form of five.

8th Dan=traditional form .

As you can see its clear what is required for the next level.

My wish is that we could also have a defined system for our Dan tests, I feel it would be very good motivation for us.

I had an idea, for example....

Aikido 1st dan= you can do every technique.

2nd dan= you can do every technique with a reasonable amount of skill.

3rd dan= a deep understanding shown of every technique .

4th dan= you are able to explain every technique and answer any question from your students.

So what is 5th dan??

well...... just look at my eyes!!

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